Following three highly-promising years as providers of further education within the framework of the EU's MENTOR programme, tec4U and FORGIS have received the go-ahead from the German Federal Ministry for Commerce and Employment to continue their successful work. The amount allocated to the WISDOM project amounts to approximately 1.2 million Euros.

These funds are to be used primarily to provide support for Saarland-based companies supplying goods and/or services to the automotive industry to integrate themselves into supra-regional co-operation networks with system supplier status, and to negotiate their way effectively within these networks.

Using training courses tailored to the needs of each individual company, courses covering the areas of effectiveness within networks and co-operation projects, current problematic areas from fields including the automotive industry, business processes, development processes and new trends in technology are addressed. This provides an opportunity, particularly for the companies that have organised themselves into the automotive.saarland network, to introduce, free of charge, a new qualification for their employees.

The project is a logical continuation of the work of the previous project, MENTOR, a context in which, over the past two years, tec4U alone deployed funds from the EU amounting to approximately 400,000 Euros on regional and supra-regional training measures. As a result, a total of more than 100 qualification measures were implemented in 60 companies.

Firms wanting to benefit from these measures may communicate their interest to tec4U or FORGIS in writing. Priority will be given to providing training courses that will have the broadest possible effect and that are in harmony with the objectives of the programme. A list of the full range of training courses available can be provided on request.

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