Since February 2004, FORGIS – together with the Saarland College of Technology and Commerce and other well-known European firms, institutes and companies – has been a partner in the EU research project PReVENT within the 6th Framework Programme of European Union. The principal objective of PReVENT is to achieve a 50% reduction in all accidents on the roads in Europe by the year 2010.

In the WILLWARN (Wireless Local Danger Warning) project, which is one component of this large-scale EU project, a communications-based system is being developed that uses intelligent warning management to protect the driver from dangerous and unforeseeable traffic situations. The objective of the project is the development of solutions for on-board recognition of danger, in-car warning management and the decentralised distribution of warnings from vehicle to vehicle by means of car-to-car communication on the street. Warning signals are to be used to make it possible for the driver to reduce his/her speed in good time, to adapt the distance to other vehicles or to drive around slippery passages along the roadway.

Thanks to its inter-disciplinary collaboration with the HTW, FORGIS is able to deal with a wide spectrum of topics. One the one hand, the Institute draws on its experiences in the field of vehicle technology and the dynamics of driving in order to develop, on the basis of information received from sensors, algorithms suited to the recognition of dangers. On the other hand, together with EuroTec Solutions under the Directorship of Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker, FORGIS is also concerned with making possible highly mobile, ad hoc communication between vehicles. The evaluation and development of suitable strategies for the dissemination of warning signals are just one example of this.

Within the framework of this project, FORGIS is also responsible for the construction of multiple demonstration models as well as for the system test. To this end, one of the experimental models is being fitted with the WILLWARN system at the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Environmental Technology. Final test drives add to the validation of the overall system. Further projects are also being planned.

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