in co-operation with IPL - Prof. Schmidt GmbH (Institut für Produktions- und Logistiksysteme – Institute for Systems for Production and Logistics) (Project Time 2003 - 2006)

The automotive industry is one of the most important branches of industry within Saarland and also the most important employer within the region, accounting for around 40 percent of all persons in employment in industry. More and more manufacturers are placing their trust in the quality that comes from Saarland, and optimising their facilities with automation technology, materials handling technology, measurement technology and testing technology from Saarland.

The further strengthening of, and sustainable support for, this traditional branch of industry, by means of the initiation and co-ordination of co-operation projects, is of critical importance to the Regional Government of Saarland. For this reason, and within the overall framework of the Land's Strategy for Innovation, the FORGIS Institute has been entrusted with the management of the network from 2003 - 2006, in order to ensure that future activities are developed in a systematic manner and grouped together more firmly. should be seen as an umbrella brand name, grouping together all automobile-related activities within Saarland and presenting them to the world outside Saarland in a dynamic manner. The network functions as a central communications hub and an independent provider of motivation. All the way along the entire value creation chain and at every level of the supply chain and of the production process, service providers are brought together with customers and purchasers.

At the same time, contacts are intensified between those operating on a practical level and the field of research and development. To this end, the network operates, co-ordinates and moderates a broad spectrum of processes that promote the transfer of technologies and expertise and the building-up of skills bases within the relevant companies.

The objective is to improve the position of these companies within the supply chain, and to improve their chances of marketing themselves, particularly by opening up and building up the existing expertise within the systems. At the same time, concepts for the optimisation of systems are directly geared towards the requirements of the manufacturers and the systems suppliers who dominate the market, thereby making it easier for smaller and medium-sized companies to make the necessary structural adjustments. was initiated by the Saarland Minister for Commerce and Employment, Dr. Hanspeter Georgi. The management of the network has been placed in the hands of FORGIS GmbH (from 2003 - 2006), the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Environmental Technology, and IPL Prof. Schmidt GmbH (Institut für Produktions- und Logistiksysteme – Institute for Systems for Production and Logistics), two recognised research and development partners to the international automotive industry with tried and tested contacts, outstanding expertise within their branch and skills in such fields as systems integration, the supply chain and production management. Working together in close collaboration with existing initiatives both inside and outside the Land, this network ensures that the maximum possible synergies are harnessed for all the partners within the network.