Innovative applications derived from research and development

Safety, comfort and environmental compatibility at marketable prices – these are the qualities that will be called for in future generations of vehicles, and FORGIS is developing innovative solutions for providing them.

Our spectrum of services ranges from the appraisal of dismantling processes and cost analyses though training courses and consultation services to entirely new developments. This range enables us to cover all the demands that are made of the product development process:
Conception - simulation - development - construction - testing - production - use - recycling. These are the fields in which we provide effective support for our project partners and customers.

Together with our well-established background in electronic data processing and information technology, this makes us a highly-attractive development partner.

In detail, the product portfolio of FORGIS GmbH consists of:

  1. Project management
The initiation and execution of research and development projects
Sample project: The network

  2. Monitoring of technology
Sample project: Studies of trends
Sample project: Benchmarking

  3. Training
Sample project: WISDOM


4. Research
In-car electronic data transmission and driver assistance systems
   Sample project: communication architectures within the vehicle for multimedia,
   entertainment and office applications (WILLWARN)

Chassis/vehicle dynamics
   Methodical problem-solving, lightweight construction, project co-ordination,
   development of prototypes
   Road trials; vehicle outfitting, implementation of tests, subjective and
   objective assessment, recommendations for action to be taken
   Sample project: VEGAVO

Environmentally-compatible product development
   Recycling; recycling-friendly construction, development of procedures,
   organisation of networks for the return of vehicles, generation of value
   creation, calculation and documentation of recycling quotas
   Prohibited substances; analysis, avoidance, replacement and documentation
   of such substances
   Sample project: analyses of the dismantling of motor vehicles