operating within the framework of the EU's EQUAL programme WISDOM is a project in the context of which, over the coming three years, promoted training measures are to be offered with a view to providing support to small and medium-sized companies within Saarland aiming to build up networks. Particular emphasis is to be given to further education measures, such as, for example, "The Management of Co-Operation Projects by means of Suitably-Adapted Models for Qualification“.

As active partners within the WISDOM project, tec4U and FORGIS are making available their expertise from fields including the automotive industry, the need for training among smaller and medium-sized companies and trends in technology and business and development processes. This makes it possible to offer companies training courses specially adapted to fit their individual requirements.

As a result of the successful development of the previous project, MENTOR, 20% more resources from the European Social Fund are now available to the current follow-up project, WISDOM.

In particular, for the companies that have organised themselves into the automotive.saarland network, this provides an opportunity to take advantage of the training courses that are offered for free.

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